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Character Tech Art, Pipeline, Team Management

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Team Management

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About Me

From an early age, I have been interested in technology and games. I was lucky enough as a kid to own all the major consoles on the market (including the Panasonic 3DO!). My favorite console of all time is the Neo Geo (for the record).

I started a graphic design studio when I was 18 years old and successfully ran that until I decided to move to California.

After graduating from The Art Institute in Santa Monica I started working in Video Games for Heavy Iron Studios where I had the pleasure to work with a fantastic team of animators that has shapes me as a rigger. Since then I love to partner with animators on creating the best possible rigs. It’s a team effort!

I am now managing teams of riggers and tech artists. I am currently working at Facebook Reality Labs where I have the pleasure to manage a fantastic team of tech artists and together we are helping building the Metaverse.

The Art of Rigging

Rigging is a great balance between Tech and Art. I had the pleasure of working on very cartoony projects and more realistic ones. I worked in Games, Feature Film, TV Animation and Cinematics


In my career I built a couple of rigging and pipelines from scratch, and I worked with talented python developers at places like Blizzard Cinematics to revamp their In-Game pipeline. Making tools is very rewarding to me.

Managing Teams

Managing teams is a privilege. I love helping other people succeed and enabling them to do the best work they can. I enjoy working with the people I support to remove obstacles for my team by introducing efficient processes.

My Work

Below you can see some of my work. What you see below may not include my most recent work, so if you are interested to learn more, please contact me directly.

My Skills

I have worked in the CG industry since 2001, and I have worked as Rigger, Animator, Game FX Artist and Pipeline Development

Managing Teams

I find a lot of enjoyment enabling teams to work on what they like best and it's a great honor to see people I support grow and thrive. I managed teams of riggers, tech artists and Python developers.
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I started my own company in 2010. I created processes to hire contractor to help with Marketing, Development and Infrastructure. I also contributed as a developer myself. (see Web Development)
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This is definitely my bread and butter. I have done rigging since 2001 and I enjoy every aspect of it. I have rigged characters for TV Animation, Feature Films, Games and VR
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Web Development

I worked for many years creating the Front End part of the website CGCircuit and I also developed tools using Boto3 (the AWD SDK for Python)
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