SVN version control for CG Artists

Course Description

All aspects of production require version control.
Whether you are a TD or an artist who wants to make sure not to loose any precious work, or a studio what is outsourcing or insourcing, you will need to find a way to not loose any work.

SVN allows you to make sure all your work is saved and synched across multiple sites whether that mean across your desktop and your laptop or across the ocean between 2 different studios.

This course is meant to always be updated. It now only covers how to use SVN for Windows using Visual SVN as the server and Tortoise SVN as the client, but it will be updated so I can show you how to set it up and use for Linux.

The $25 price is the base price, the more updates I make to the lesson the more expensive this lesson is going to get. If you buy it now, you will be getting all the future updates for free

SVN version control for CG Artists

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